Monday, 19 October 2009

Yournetbiz & Why Yournetbiz Works For Me..

Article Written By Andrew Cunnington.

Yournetbiz & Why Yournetbiz Works For Me..

One thing to know about me is that I don't rush into anything.
I did my research, and took my time to get the right company for me to invest in.

So Why Yournetbiz?
Here are some of the biggest stumbling blocks for people new & the not so new people to internet marketing.

The - How to do all the points below.

1: Web Pages, Landing/Squeeze Pages.
2: Getting Traffic To Your Site.
3: Having The Time To Learn About The Product They Now Own.
4: Explaining The Business They Have Invested In To New Leads & Customers.
5: Closing The Deal.
6: Helping Your New Team Members.
Now Why Yournetbiz Is Right For You. Yournetbiz eliminates all of the points above.

1: It has Web pages and landing/squeeze pages you control.
2: It gives you the option to purchase quality targeted leads.
3&6: The media vault in the back office teaches you all you need to know about Yournetbiz.
4&5: With the PBA (Personal Business Assistant) option turned on, they will explain the business to your
potential leads & close the deal.

But this is not the best bit.
Not only have you got the main business, but within the Media Vault at Yournetbiz is your Product Library.
Depending on the level you invest (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) depends on the amount of products you own.
Even at the lowest end (Bronze) you still have 100's of E products you have the resale rights to.
So you can imagine downloading these products to your hard drive and selling them on the auction
sites as many times as you like.
Now you know why Yournetbiz Works For me.

Other things to consider

What can you do to take your desire to Work From Home and make it a reality?

1. You need to find the right "Work From Home Business" for you. Don't
just jump at
the first decent looking offer you see.

2. Dedicate a specific amount of time per week that you will pursue your
From Home Business" and have a realistic time frame to achieve your goals. Getting
Rich Quick can take some time.

3. Be prepared to make a small investment in some/all of the

-Web Traffic Marketing Sites
-Pay Per Click (PPC)
-Affiliate Program Memberships
-Website Hosting Fees

Just because you have a "Work From Home Business" doesn't mean there won't be
any overhead. I strongly suggest you take advantage of the knowledge that is
available from other profitable "Work From Home" Entrepreneurs successes and
failures rather then trying to figure them out on your own.
You can either Pay for this knowledge or learn it on your own, it will cost you in time
or money, you decide what your time is worth! In most cases the money you invest
can be made back with only a few sales, would you rather start selling now or
months from now.
Thinking about having a "Work From Home Business" will not make it happen!
Taking the first steps and setting a realistic game plan that includes a portion of
your time and yes "your money too" can very realistically make you the Boss of your
own "Work From home Business".

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.
Andrew Cunnington.

Bio For Andrew Cunnington.
Hello World. This section will tell you a bit more about me.
I live in Birmingham, England. 39 Years old.
I have always known you can make great sums of money from the internet and now i'm proof anyone can.
I'm married to Lucie.
Been together for 18 years now, Married for 12.
We have two wonderful children,
Joshua (8) & Emily (5)
Family Life, Golf, Swimming, Holidays, Socializing.

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