Monday, 19 October 2009

Work From Home, Dream or Reality?

Andrew Cunnington.

Lets get the cliche "Why work 9-5 when you can Work From Home and be your own
Boss" out of the way! This is obvious and doesn't need any more discussion.

What a nice concept Working From Home is, but is it possible?

Of course it is or nobody would by talking about it! Don't get the wrong idea, just
because there isn't a boss checking in on you doesn't mean you get to sit around all
day in your PJ's and drink coffee. Working From Home takes commitment and
dedication for the same reason there is no one other than you making sure you do
all the right things to succeed!

If you think you can Make Money Working From Home in your spare time you are
greatly mistaken. Spare time is something few people have in todays busy world. So
does this mean I need to quit my Job to start a "Work From Home Business"? That is
not what I'm saying, but you will have to allocate at least 5-10 hours minimum per
week and it may take a while to achieve your desired income level. Persistence is the

What can you do to take your desire to Work From Home and make it a reality?

1. You need to find the right "Work From Home Business" for you. Don't
just jump at
the first decent looking offer you see.

2. Dedicate a specific amount of time per week that you will pursue your
From Home Business" and have a realistic time frame to achieve your goals. Getting
Rich Quick can take some time.

3. Be prepared to make a small investment in some/all of the


-Web Traffic Marketing Sites

-Pay Per Click (PPC)

-Affiliate Program Memberships

-Website Hosting Fees

Just because you have a "Work From Home Business" doesn't mean there won't be
any overhead. I strongly suggest you take advantage of the knowledge that is
available from other profitable "Work From Home" Entrepreneurs successes and
failures rather then trying to figure them out on your own.

You can either Pay for this knowledge or learn it on your own, it will cost you in time
or money, you decide what your time is worth! In most cases the money you invest
can be made back with only a few sales, would you rather start selling now or
months from now.

Thinking about having a "Work From Home Business" will not make it happen!
Taking the first steps and setting a realistic game plan that includes a portion of
your time and yes "your money too" can very realistically make you the Boss of your
own "Work From home Business".

Here is some advice to help you get started.

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Are you wondering how all of this would benefits someone and why would they
spend time
giving this information out free to people like you who are reading this article right

It's so simple!

All you do is write an Ezine Article on something that pertains to your Website and
then make sure you have corresponding products or services that are relevant to
that Article.

When readers go to your Website as a result of your Ezine Article it is highly
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the Products or Services are Affiliate based which means the Website owner makes
as much as 75% from each sale, not bad!

As a matter of fact I learned this concept and many more steps from similar
Work From
Home Business
that can be purchased. (Good Investment!!!)

You are more then welcome to republish this article on your Website as long as you
use it in it's entirety along with the link to my Website.

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