Thursday, 22 October 2009

Yournetbiz News

Andrew Cunnington.

YourNetBiz, originally called MyInternetBusiness, is an internet business opportunity that started on April 2nd, 2008. The main idea with the company was to provide their members excellent products with impeccable training on how to properly market them. There is also a lucrative compensation plan for sponsoring members directly into the business.

YourNetBiz officially changed its name in May of 2009 as a way to rebrand themselves and to re-launch their new look and feel for the company. The main issues with the original name were that it was difficult for the members to brand and many members never really cared for it.

There are several key points of YourNetBiz that anyone considering this company needs to become familiar with. Getting all the information you can about a company before joining is critical to a new members experience. Its also smart to do your due diligence on the sponsor that youll be joining with to be sure if theyll be around for you to help you through the building process.

1. You need to understand first that this is a legitimate business opportunity with a multitude of real products. Its not simply a business to sell a business. There are way too many of those so called opportunities out there and YourNetBiz is absolutely not one of those.

2. There are 4 membership levels with different price points to choose from when joining the company. The difference between each level is in the amount of products and compensation a member receives when bringing in someone to the business. The Bronze level is $495, the Silver level is $995, the Gold level is $1995 and the Platinum level is $2995. There is also a $59.95 monthly fee for every member regardless of the level they joined at.

3. The products are quite extensive and include over 1800 different info products that give your either Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights. There are also more than 700 online marketing educational videos in the back office video vault to assist all the members in learning about the many different ways of internet marketing. There is a private vacation club for those that sign up at the platinum level and for those at the lower levels, there are travel vouchers.

4. A YourNetBiz business owners primary objective is to make an income using the internet to market the products, the business opportunity or both. However, many members are solely interested in just marketing the info products and decide to not even advertise the business opportunity.

5. The most important point that needs to be considered is the fact that YourNetBiz offers high quality internet marketing training and an unmatched product library the business owner can access all in one central location. This is an incredible resource center for anyone serious about profiting from there own online marketing business

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