Thursday, 22 October 2009

Working From Home - The Transition

Andrew Cunnington.

Making the transition from working for someone else away from home to operating a home based business can be difficult if you are not fully prepared. There are many issues that should be explored and resolved before you make the move. Working from home requires organization, self-discipline, and time management skills which need to be addressed.

Are you mentally prepared? Do you have the self-discipline to stay on task throughout the day. Working from home means a whole new set of distractions that you will have to work through, it will take tremendous drive and focus to say on task. Make sure that your loved ones understand that your work is important. Just because you are at home it doesn't mean that you have extra time to clean the house, or socialize with them.

You might want to consider hiring a business coach. Depending on the business that you are in, you may be able to find one that specializes in your type of business. A coach can be very helpful in keeping you accountable and on task. A good coach should be able to help you in all areas of your business.

You will need to make sure that you have your office and business set up. The following items are some issues to look into:

  • talk to your accountant and/or lawyer about the best way to set up the company and the books
  • open a business bank account if needed
  • you may need insurance and a business license
  • you may need a separate phone line for your office so you are not answering personal phone calls for the family all day
  • office equipment such as a computer system, printer and fax machines set up to run the applications you need them for
  • proper filing system
  • contact management system including a follow-up notification system

Once at home you will need a business plan this should include your personal goals as well as goals for the business. Your weekly and monthly budgets should also be established in your plan. A constant review of the plan in order to make the necessary revisions is important. Your daily method of operation is key. What will you be spending you time on? Create a daily and weekly schedule, based on your daily method of operation and priorities. Allow for some flexibility in your schedule as important tasks will come up.

Working from home can be an incredibly rewarding venture, both personally and financially. The key to your success, besides of course finding the right business, involves organization, self-discipline, time management, and a business plan. You will need to monitor your systems regularly especially at first so that you can make improvements. The right tools, some drive, focus and a well followed schedule could allow you to be well on your way to a rewarding career working from home.


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