Sunday, 18 October 2009

List Building Made Simple

Andrew Cunnington.

The biggest problem is not knowing how to generate such lists and what to do with them. Here is a brief guide to get you started:

Creating a large list:

Lead Capture Page: You must first have a website that will capture information so you can build your list. Depending on whether you have a budget or not will depend on how you do this. If your budget is low, then a website like is a great tool for building your own website. Remember that on this website you must have a targeted headline discussing a potential problem. Next you need a video of yourself. The purpose of this video is to relate to people, so that they can see you are a human and buy into you. Then you will need a call to action, telling them to enter their email address and name to get a certain result.

Auto Responder: Once someone has entered their email address and details, you must have an automatically generated email sent to them with some added value and some more about yourself. (see the link at the bottom of the page) is a great tool for this. You can pre write a sequence of emails to be sent to the prospect, even to the point where you decide what day and time each email is sent.

OK so now you know how to build your list, the important part of the marketing begins. Driving traffic through to your lead capture page. I could write for days on this subject but the best advice I could give anyone would be to research heavily on Google, join a business that will teach you everything you need to such as YourNetBiz or Maverick Money Makers and the exciting stuff begins. Remember, the more traffic to your capture page = the larger your list and the larger your list = the higher your income generated. Simple!!


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